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Design for Peace with the WM

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

I've been so grateful for everything this past year despite of the pandemic situation. Wilbanks Mackay is a design firm in Houston and the Designed for peace project was started by Letricia Willbanks to help provide homes for homeless women and children, part of the Mission of Yahweh mission in Houston. this year I came across this opportunity and decided to donate a piece of my work to be part of this charitable cause and share my art and colors to add value to a needed family and home who otherwise would not have been able to afford it. Loved how this special piece was just made for this space! I've treasured this original piece for years in my studio, it felt like the perfect time to part with it. As an artist, its so important to give back to the community, if not monetarily , in kind through our work when possible. Been truly blessed to be able to do this in my city and to see a piece of my work live in someone else's space.

This is the picture of the area my painting was hung, which makes it so much more rewarding as the piece finds its home!

Below is the happiness of finally dropping off this beautiful piece to the design house.

Donated towards Design for Peace

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