Hi there! I've missed out on updating regularly as its difficult to keep up with my updates on the blog. If you've not been following my constant postings on social media, let me just give you some highlights on what's going on in my studio and art life!

New Year, New Vibes


So I've been so dedicated to learning Feng Shui this year and incorporating its thought process and positive energy through colors into my new collection. It's been so challenging understanding the various elements, symbolic colors and how it can be used to enlighten your space! I'm excited about the knowledge I've gained and have been trying hard to focus on representing this new inspiration and incorporating it into my mixed media abstract collection. I've been amazed at my discovery and persistence to learning and upgrading my school of thought and relationships using colors in our life! Its my determination that keeps me going, and look forward to sharing this idea with you in my launch this year. 

It gives me great pleasure in creating harmony through my process and bringing more value to your space! 

Some insights during this journey can be viewed on this blog! Oh, and Ive had great fun creating mini panels this year for those who want to cherish little pieces of my work or share them as intimate gifts!!

Art Journaling!!

So recently I started a habit for art journaling. I believe it gave me a space to sketch out ideas and inspirations through personal motivational words, various art doodling techniques and mixed media painting. I realized it's really important for an artist to keep constant journals and explore creative ways for growing during studio times. So this practice eventually flourished into me coming up with an art journaling workshop and boy, it was so much fun! It was wonderful to share this with other students who were inspired to create their own creative journals during the session. Playing around with mixed media techniques, using negative positive spaces, a white 'Gelly Roll' pen to doodle

and paper cut words, were all so challenging. It definitely required a lot of thinking caps to be on.

So Art Journaling was a success in my studio, for me and those who attended my workshop!!

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