Spring 2020



The New Limited Edition collection for 2020 is an extension of my mixed media abstract style with inspirations from the Feng Shui energy and positive school of thought using colors that represent its various elements. I have always been fascinated by Feng Shui and its balance to create harmony and a positive living environment within our space.

I have had the opportunity to connect with a Feng Shui consultant and learn about the various elements in Feng Shui which are Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood and Water through my research and how color can be used to integrate balance and energy into your space.

In Feng Shui, colors are symbolic to influencing mood and can be used as a cure to balance the Yin and Yang energies of the home and office. Colors also represent clarity, growth, passion and prosperity in its various elements. 

My intimate exploration of colors, texture and various mediums during the process brings me to incorporate these thoughts in a unique way to experience a more focused approach to my new collection. Nevertheless, I am no expert to Feng Shui but have learned so much in my quest for knowledge.

These paintings can be displayed horizontal or vertical as per space and preference.

Contact artist for purchase inquiry and to see currently available originals.


Commissions are welcomed for customized paintings, size and color preference. 

 Sunset Woods , 16" round

Feng Shui element Earth

Nourishment, stability


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