Original on 9X12", Gouache on Canson Board. Mounted Ready to fit into 16X20" standard frames.Traveling to the West Coast have always been a refreshing and relaxing experience for me. Having the opportunity to stay there during the the summer has been uplifting from the mundane chores. I've captured my local experiences during my stay and travel on Canson boards this past summer and have enjoyed every bit of plein air and inspiration in my work. 


This collection resonates my feelings and the harmony felt in little things around me. Its interesting how I find subjects around me and the sudden thought of painting it occurs. This piece was inspired by a huge lemon tree in the backyard of a cousin's home in Fremont, while we headed there on a weekend break! It was fresh and wholesome. 


They're all originals and ready to be framed. Options for framing are available through contacting the artist for an additional cost.


Very Limited pieces in this collection. 

There might be a refelction from the plastic case covering the original. Have best kept photos true to the original. 


Buy with confidence.

"Fremont Freshness"

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